10 signs of a happy dog!

The ways your dog shows you he's happy!

Dogs aren't shy when it comes to showing you how they feel and as dog owners, we can all agree that there is nothing more special than being in the company of a happy and loving dog. Here at Bark & Birch we give you the 10 signs of a happy dog...


happy frenchie
Say cheese! What a smile...

It's amazing when you know the signs that your precious pup is happy and content. Being able to read your dog's body language and the small signals they give off will lead to a far better and more beautiful relationship between the two of you.

Here are the top 10 ways your dog shows you he's delighted...

 1. Soft and relaxed eyes

When your dog is relaxed, his or her eyes will be relaxed and gentle and a normal soft shape. They may also blink often and make eye contact with you, which is their way of giving you a hug with their eyes!

happy tan dog
Your dog will smile with his eyes when he is content.

2. A body wiggle or shimmy

Have you ever noticed your dog wiggling or shimmying towards you almost like a full body sashay? We love to see this and there is no greater sight than a dog wiggling happily towards you with his whole body relaxed and soft! This is a dog telling you he is literally giddy with happiness...

white smiley dog
Happy dogs are a delight.

3. A smile almost like a humans smile

When dogs are happy it really does look like they are grinning with delight and flashing their very best smile, just like we do!  The mouth will be open with the corners turned up, even showing their pearly white teeth and it will stretch right to their eyes too.

4. Wagging tail

The classic sign of a happy and joyful dog is a tail that wags constantly and may even go round in circles in a helicopter action- a waggy dog is a happy dog for sure!

5. Being well behaved

Destructive behaviour is often a sign that a dog is bored or restless. Keep your dog enriched if he is acting out or being badly behaved or consider puppy training classes or doggy daycare to keep him occupied and happy if you are out for the day. Dogs that are happy will rarely mishehave.

happy white dog
An enriched dog is a happy dog.

6. Sleeping

A happy and enriched dog sleeps well and up to 16 hours a day! If your dog has disrupted sleep, try to make sure he has enough exercise or is happy in himself as it may be a sign of stress or anxiety.

husky smile
When you're happy, your dog is happy and it works both ways!

7. Showing you his belly

A wriggly dog rolling around and showing you his belly is a sure sign of happiness and glee.

8. The play bow

A dog giving a play bow is showing you he is up for fun and wants to play!  In a play bow, a dog will lower their chest to the ground but keep their rear in the air like a downward dog pose but in a very playful way. Playing with your dog will increase your bond and lead to the release of happy endorphins for you both.

husky play
Keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated and they will stay happy.

9. A healthy appetite

A dog that is happy and healthy will enjoy their food and always have an appetite for their supper or breakfast. If your dog won't eat, always investigate what the problem can be with a professional trainer or a vet, as it isn't normal for a pup to refuse food.

10. Enjoying their lives

If your pup doesn't seem to be enjoying life or finding happiness on their walks and exercise time, or seem withdrawn or unwilling to socialise then there may be something up. Dogs are naturally happy and friendly souls, who love life and get enjoyment from most things, so if your dog doesn't show these emotions it is always best to speak to a professional trainer and investigate further so your dog can lead his happiest life!

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