10 Signs Your Dog Loves You


doloresz-dombi-jFYUsipgySk-unsplashOur dogs are our very best friend, there's usually little competition in regards to that. Although they can't write down their affections or put them into words, our dogs have lots of ways that they show us they love us...

Whether it's their body language or the sofa snuggles, you may be surprised to learn some of the ways that your dog shows you just how much they love and trust you. Read on to find out how they show their love!


1.Rubbing their face on yours

Does your dog rub their fluffy cheeks against yours? Well this is a way of your pooch marking you as theirs. Just like we enjoy snuggling up to those we love, our dogs love getting close to us and this makes them feel safe and reassured! It feels pretty good for us humans too! If your dog likes a cuddle there is nothing better but do make sure this is on your dog's terms. Don't smother them or invade their space if they are having down time.



2.Bringing their beloved toys to you

Your dog may have an affinity to a scraggly teddy bear that they've had for forever and you may think it's pretty gross and needs the bin, but if they bring you their favourite toy, this is a way of showing just how much they love you! If the toy or item they share with you is particularly damaged, this could be a sign that they have faith in you fixing that item, and trust you to solve the problem. Adorable, right?


3.They love to hear your name

Dogs will get used to the sounds of our names, and often show excitement, running around wiggling like there's no tomorrow when they hear them. Over a period of time, dogs learn to associate names with a human, and if somebody talks about you when you aren't there and your dog gets excited, it's clear they adore you!

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4.They protect you

Perhaps your dog lies by your feet when you eat, or insists on being close by when you’re working or relaxing? We may see no real threat, but our dogs naturally want to protect those that they love. If your dog is becoming overly territorial, it may be worth seeking some behavioural help from us so that they don’t suffer attachment issues or start resource guarding their human.



5.Strong eye contact

Long lasting eye contact is a way to show people you feel safe in their presence, you trust and love them. Good eye contact with our dogs can be a sign of our deep bond and trust - which is often created when we first train our dogs. Apparently, when your dog looks at you, their brain releases oxytocin, the love hormone which makes everyone feel all gooey inside. Dogs will make soft eye contact when they love you but don't challenge your dog with overly intense eye contact if it isn't reciprocated, or they may start to feel threatened.


6.They like to check in on you

When you're out walking or moving from one room to another, does your dog need to do a little head turn to check that you're alright? If so, they may be checking that you're safe and nearby. Following you from room to room and basically being your shadow is a sign that your dog doesn't want to let you out of their sight and thinks the world of you!



7.They do a wee when you come home

Does your dog let out a little trickle of wee when you arrive home? It may feel like you haven't gotten the hang of the toilet training, but not to worry. It’s known as submissive urination and although it may seem like a little toilet accident, it means that they know you’re boss, and are excited to see you.



8.Licking you

Licking from a dog can often be for a variety of reasons. The main reason they lick is strong affection and showing their love. They may also give licks if they want attention or on the flip-side want to get your attention off something else and on to them!


9.Stealing your stuff

Do you have a dog who takes your dirty laundry out of the wash basket or steals your shoes and slippers to chew on? Chances are they love your scent and are trying to find a way to get close to you. Keep an eye on it if this chewing becomes destructive and speak to a qualified trainer or behaviourist. Sometimes dogs may chew as they are bored, lonely or anxious so keep an eye on this!



10.Your dog smiles at you!

Nope, it isn't your imagination! Your dog really does smile at you by pulling their lips back to reveal a big toothy grin! When dogs are super happy they will replicate a human smile and it's one of the best sights we have ever seen!


So, whether your bundle of fur is nuzzling you to mimic maternal affections, or smiles a big toothy grin at you each time you come downstairs in the morning (yes, they really can smile!), they have plenty of ways to show you they love and care.



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