5 New Year Dog Resolutions

Make this the best year yet for you and your dog with our 5 New Year dog resolutions!


It's a brand new year and that means starting off on the right foot and paw with our beloved dogs! Here are five New Year's Resolutions for you and your dog to keep together. They will definitely thank you for these top tips...

1. Mix up your walks

Variety really is the spice of life and dogs are just like us humans and like change and new places. Why not discover some new walking routes or areas to visit with your pup? Dogs can get bored too and need physical and mental enrichment, so exploring and discovering new walks and areas with you can be perfect for your pup . Of course, make sure that your dog feels safe and secure walking in new areas and keep an eye on their body language and any perceived threats.


2. Let your dog sniff

Remember, your dog's sense of smell is like a super power and their daily sniffing can not only help them identify what is happening in their environment but helps to calm stress and alleviate anxiety! Don't be tempted to drag them away or nudge them along to hurry them up. We may see the world through our eyes but our dogs experience so many things through their noses. Did you know that a dog's sense of smell is around 10 to 100,00 times better than ours? It's no wonder that they want to sniff or so long! They are picking up information about the world and processing scents and information left by other dogs. Let them sniff and you'll find they are less stressed and content after their walk. 


jack-hunter-fmuyrvUb7zY-unsplash-13.Enrol in doggy daycare

If you have spent lots of time working from home but are now back in the office or your dog has had a change in routine, enrolling in doggy daycare can be hugely beneficial for your dog. Being alone can lead to separation anxiety and stress and anxiety in your pup. Being with other dogs is super beneficial for your pup and can help with development and socialisation. Plus, they'll get to make loads of new puppy pals and what could be better than that!



4.Work on consistent training

Maybe you've been putting off dog training or turning a blind eye  to behavioural difficulties but now is the time to get on a great footing with your dog's training and get into a healthy and positive routine for the year ahead. At Bark & Birch we know that each dog is different and we tailor all of our training to suit your dog and their specific needs!



5.Positive Play

If you want to give your dog some extra stimulation and alleviate boredom and challenge them mentally and physically why not make some enriching games or treats for them or mix up the way you feed them and feed them in a more fun and creative way!

 If your dog is anything like a regular dog they will wolf their food down in record time! Why not try creating your own puzzle feeding by cutting holes in a box and putting their food in there, or peanut butter or treats for some mental stimulation. This is a quick way of stimulating their minds and keeping them challenged and occupied. We just can't guarantee they'll figure out the puzzle super quickly and be snaffling all the treats!

Why not try cutting up an old box or stuffing high value treats in toilet rolls! Most things you already have in the house can be used to enrich and challenge your dog!



A huge HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 from all of us at Bark & Birch! We are here to make this the best year yet for you and your dog!









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