Best Guard Dog | Finding the Perfect Dog Breed For Anyone

The need to keep our families and property safe take top priority in all our lives. Guard dogs with natural instincts to protect their homes and families are everyone's dream.

Research shows that a guard dog is one of the best ways to stop a thief from targeting your house. Let me help you find the perfect fit for you, your family and your property. These are some of the best guard dogs you can look into bringing home. 



Good guard dog breeds|5 Characteristics of the most loved  guard dogs

Good guard dogs will know if, when and where to deal with trespassers or suspicious people. Some of the first things to look for in a protection dog are how aggressive it is natural, trainability and loyalty. There are 5 main characteristics you should not overlook for good judgment. I will walk you through them.



A guard dog is required to be violent but not over the top or uncontrollable. Every homeowner looks for this when they are considering getting protective dogs.

Many people think that aggression is the most essential attribute of an excellent guard dog. While they are correct to an extent, aggression is not the most significant factor.

Aggression plays a significant part when an intruder needs to be apprehended or stopped in their tracks. In the face of danger or harm to their family or home, good guard dogs must be aggressive enough to scare any intruder.

As the pet owner, it is your job to watch out for too much aggression in your pup. Especially if you have kids. There have been many reported cases of guard dogs that turn on their owners and even the children.

When picking a puppy for adoption, try and look for one that has what we will call a healthy level of aggression. This is characterized by good alertness when approached, a calm attitude with other pets and calm body language in general.




A fundamental trait in any excellent guard dog. In actual fact, a dog's level of loyalty toward his family and owners is what causes a dog to want to protect his home from any kind of danger. However, unlike aggression, loyalty is not a natural trait. Dogs are usually trained into being loyal.

It is okay to treat your dog like a family member to help develop a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging will then, in turn, create a sense of possessiveness.

Training your dog on becoming a loyal home defender includes training their specific actions and rewarding each and every one of those actions. This will be your way of letting your guard dog know that he is appreciated and that his willingness to defend the home and family is what you need from him.




Dominance must be a part of your dog's personality. A confident dog will not feel the need to defend his territory all the time because other dogs will already sense that he is superior.

When selecting a guard dog, examine his behaviour toward other dogs and their behaviour toward him. Ask yourself if the other dogs give him space to roam when he nears them, or if they overpower him?

Check to see if your potential pet takes his space in front of you firmly, or does he become shy. Remember to check for these things, and take a look at how your dog reacts to others in his group.



Yes, you read that correctly. A playful pup will make for a brilliant guard dog. A dog that likes to play fetch or just running around with you will be more than able to chase and apprehend any threats if and when required to do so.

The training guard dogs undergo intensely and having a playful nature will make training more fun and bearable for any dog.


High Concentration Levels

There is honestly nothing worse than trying to train a dog that gets easily distracted. This has been known to be an actual recipe for disaster. Both the dog and its owner end up frustrated and unwilling to teach and learn.

Professional guard dogs must have high levels of concentration. Your pet must be alert at all times and must be ready to respond to its owner, otherwise known as the handler, in any given situation.  Excellent guard dogs will not need to be pushed into responding. They will be called once or given a command and respond immediately.


Guard Dog security|5 Breeds used as protective dogs


Like any animal species, some breeds are more superior to others when it comes to protection. While some dog breeds are more lovers than fighters, other dogs are more into the more aggressive side of life. Let's jump into the 5 of the best.




German Shepherds

A German Shepherd is originated from Germany. This dog breed has an appearance similar to a wolf and is commonly known as a herding dog. This is because it was initially bred for sheep herding.

However, over time, because of the obedience, strength, trainability, and intelligence German Shepherds showed, people started training them for many other types of work.

On a list of best guard dog breeds that would be great as watchdogs, they also ranked number two.

A german shepherd is strong and is appealing as a police and military search and rescue dog. This is because they can quickly learn different challenges and simplify instructions better than other breeds.

These dogs can become overprotective of their territory and family members, especially if you do not socialize them correctly.

A very cheeky breed, ranking at number 1 on the list of dogs to have given the most bites brutal enough to require hospital treatments. 

There are several different variants to this breed. Namely-;

  • East-European Shepherd
  • King Shepherd
  • Shiloh Shepherd
  • White Shepherd
  • White Swiss Shepherd Dog


Airedale terrier

Anyone that has ever had one of these furry pups will tell you that they sometimes seem to have no "off" switch. Airedales are known to be great with the kids. They are quick learners, and this makes them excellent guard dogs. During World War I, the Airedale's reputation was bravery and focus. They used these dogs as watchmen/ keepers and messengers.

If an Airedale Terrier senses any danger or threat, Airedales will bark non-stop.

These guard dog breeds are very loving to not just their families but also to family friends. Airedales do not like being left alone. They chew things and dig when bored.

A little rough play with their family members is expected from this breed. They also can be very aggressive towards other animals unless you train them otherwise. Their bearded chin and folded-down ears have won them many shows four times, such as The Westminster Dog show.




This breed was known in Germany as Rottweiler Metzgerhund, which means Rottweil Butcher's dog. This was because they were used for herding the livestock and pulling carts full of meat to the butcher shops. This continued till the 19th century, though some people still use them as herd dogs. Fun fact; this breed almost went extinction the 1800s.

Rotties are confident, calm and courageous.  A Rottweiler responds to situations with a quiet wait-and-see attitude to elements in its environment. This dog has a natural desire to protect its family and home. It is an intelligent dog with extreme strength and flexibility. A Rottie makes an excellent bodyguard-dog. This pup is great for companionship and general all-purpose dog.

Rotties can be playful and sweet, however, they have a cheeky side to them.  Their famous bite will inflict severe injury to anyone it sees as a threat. Rottweilers must be socialized and trained well to avoid aggressive outbursts. Guard dog training will help this breed control its barking, which has been known to become excessive if not controlled early.


Doberman pinscher

Dobermanns are popularly known to be alert, very loyal and intelligent guard dog breeds. They were initially bred in the 1890s by a tax collector known as Karl Friedrich Louis Dobberman.

Unlike other guard dog breeds, the personalities differ significantly between each pup. If properly trained and taken care of, these make some of the best guard dog breeds.

Dobermans are considered to be loyal and loving companions. They are driven, stubborn and robust The Doberman pinscher is a quick learner and takes well to training. These traits serve the dog well if used to be a  police dog, war dog and or personal defence dog.

Today's Doberman Pinscher is known to be of a lot more good-natured personality. It has been ranked as one of the top guard dog breeds by the American Kennel Club (AKC). A Doberman Pinscher is as loyal as an apostle. High energy levels, fearlessness, a watchful eye, and obedience are the characteristics that the Doberman possesses.


Belgian Malinois

This quick adapting, confident, intelligent dog breed is highly energetic. It forms excellent bonds with owners and handlers better than other guard dogs. This powerful guard dog was initially bred in Malines, which is in the northern region of Belgium. This breed has long been known to do a fantastic job to protect livestock in their native land.

Belgian Malinois body builts are more on the square side. They are proud guardian breeds that are also alert with a protective nature. Their muscled solid bodies are more elegant than they are bulky. They are known to also be very hardworking, which makes training them joy if done correctly.

As known by most, the Mal performs a basic obedience training routine with a clever eagerness that any dog owner would be envious of. They are happiest when given lots of exercises, preferably with their favourite family member or owner. They are highly looked for to become police and military canines. They can be vicious and aggressive, but this is nothing guard dog training can't keep in check.


Tibetan Mastiff


This massive fluffy dog stays at the top of the list when discussing the best guard dog breeds. It is watchful and very intimidating, and unfriendly to anyone not family to it. Anyone describing this beautiful hound would not leave out words such as calm and sweet but territorial and gigantic.

These hounds are often used as farm dogs because, if the dog has proper training, they can handle the perfect balance of being affectionate pets and protective pets when required.

No one knows for sure where the breed is originally from. It has always been known as an ancient breed that was always isolated. Thus making its history impossible to know. All that is known for sure is this noble breed were the guardians of the Himalayas.



What is the best guard dog for first-time dog owners?

There are a few breeds that are ideal for first-time dog owners. A pup with a loud bark, good protection instincts, and easy adaptation to the family environment is what you should look for.

Some of the best protection dogs, according to size

Small breeds/ Best guard dogs for families


This dog will always let you know when danger comes close by. Chihuahuas hate unfamiliar situations and have territorial behaviour. They can stand up to even a threat five times their size. They are the best guard dogs for older folk. They are easy to walk, because of their size, therefore, fewer accidents to worry about.


Jack Russel

These dogs are super cute pooches but are also the best dogs for home protection. It is known to be a proud breed that will not go quietly. If upset or feeling forced or overwhelmed in any situation, they will let you know they're unhappy. They are incredibly loyal and build unbreakable bonds with owners. This is a working dog with loads of energy. Although their bark is not as intimidating as other larger breeds, they will sound off any danger, even the tiniest. 



These tiny furballs are as cute as they are loud. From personal experience, I can tell you that these dogs are among the best guard dogs for apartment owners. They are set off by any noise or sighting that is out of the ordinary. It is just like having your very own sound alarm system. Pomeranians are very curious and bold as well, so you can rest knowing that they'll protect every inch of your home.

What are the best medium-sized most protective dogs?

Chinese Shar-pei

They might look older than most grandparents but don't let those wrinkles fool you. This breed of pups is known to [p the charts for the best guard dogs throughout history.  Bred originally to be a fighting dog, it was used by the Chinese for protecting the palaces for over 2,000 years.

This pup will compete with the agility and strength of even the most challenging police dogs when trained early. It'll always defend you if needed. The puppies are the cutest household pet. Absolute cuteness overload.



Standard Schnauzer

Known as one of the top hypoallergenic guard dogs, the Standard Schnauzer is one of the best dogs for people with allergies. Trained from an early age, they will be splendid around the home because of their high energy levels. These pups will be sure to protect your family and home. They exhibit territorial behaviour and will investigate anything they consider out of the norm. The Schnauzer is also known to come in a miniature schnauzer as well.


Chow Chow

This breed is serious-minded. You can hardly tell from its appearance that it's one of the most protective dog breeds. It is calm and peaceful, but a chow stays alert and always ready to fight.

The Chow Chow has a very unique mane that makes it look more like a lion. And from what I know, it could hunt lions and fight like one when it is necessary. They are usually very muscular, making them a great defender. 

Fun fact: The tongues of these dogs are entirely black, so don't panic if you see one. It's one of the breed's unique features. This is a tell-tale sign that you have a purebred puppy. 


What Large Breeds are excellent security dogs?

The list holds the top six dogs in the USA.


One of the most muscular breeds known to K9's. It is the more popular protective dog breeds for families. It comes in ranking at number eleven out of the 197 breeds in the USA.

Boxers are of a loving nature and build outstanding bonds with kids from a tender age. A Boxer is brilliant and is known to be very playful, so if you want to keep them busy with indestructible dog toys are your best bet. This breed takes its job very seriously and always does its level best to protect the family.

The following are other terrific options for larger guard dogs

  • Great Dane
  • Boerboel
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Border Collie
  • Rottweiler



What Mixed breed dogs make good guard dogs?

The following are mixed bred dogs with excellent protection qualities.



It is a mix between a Border Collie and a Husky, giving the name Borsky. These beasts are beautiful, and, thanks to their parents, they come with exceptional personalities.

The Borsky is known to be clingy and will become obsessed with its owner if kept alone without another pet or dog in the house. This breed would be perfect for people looking into the best guard dog breeds for women. They're also super-intelligent.

A Borsky has incredible energy and can spend hours playing outside.

These 2 have also been listed as great guard dogs in the mixed breed pool.

  • German Shepherd Pit Bull
  • Golden Shepherd



What are the best home guard dogs?




The Akita is known throughout Japanese culture and history as the ultimate protector. The pups are fantastic working dogs. They have always been bred for work since the 17th century. They have excellent instincts and would be great to guard livestock making them a great guard dog for any home.

They are one of the best family-friendly guard dogs, especially when it comes to their own. They are very uptight with new people and do not do well with children teasing them unless they are family members. Their loyalty will ensure the safety of your family at any cost.


When searching for a family protector and companion, these are also the best guard dog breeds to look into.

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • American Pitbull Terrier


Best Guard dog Best for Kids


Saint Bernard

Anyone who knows Disney's Peter Pan will probably be happy to know that the story was correct. The Saint Bernard is one of the best guard dogs for children.

This giant breed is one of the largest on my list, but don't get it twisted. It does not mean this is the most aggressive dog. Saint Bernards are caring, gentle, sweet and kind. They are patient with babies and usually keep watch over everything the kids do. They are also very alert and naturally wary of danger and threats.

So if you have enough space and need a great friend for the kids, this would be the best choice. Saint Bernards need lots of room and require daily exercises and walks to stay in good shape.

You may live in an apartment, farmhouse or have a nice place in the city, safety is always essential. Having a guard dog will always be a good move. Protecting your own life and that of your family is a priority.

Proper knowledge of the type of dog you will need to suit your lifestyle is essential. Proper socialization and specialized training for your pup will help to produce the best guardians for your home.

Solid and friendly dogs will make sure you get the best of both worlds. Whether you choose a rottweiler, a boxer or even great Danes, the important thing is to make sure exercise and good nutrition are always maintained. Don't forget those visits to the veterinarian too. I hope my article has helped you with all you need to pick the perfect pet for yourself.


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